Ozgur Tasci

United Kingdom

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I have come to yoga from a body oriented psychology background, having been particularly inspired by the Jungian approach to psyche - soma relationship. The works of the Canadian Jungian therapist and body workshop leader Marion Woodman had a huge impact on my understanding of the body- soul relationship.
In 2013, I completed my studies at Amrita School of Yoga with Nigel Gilderson in Hatha Yoga (with elements of Vinyasa Flow and with input from traditions such as Tai Chi, Qi gong and similar energy practices).
I structure my classes with two primary objectives in mind, namely, of establishing a deep connection between breath, intention and movement and of creating balance in the body through developing strength and flexibility.
My teaching style combines breath synchronized hatha postures in a flowing sequence with various mindfulness and breathing techniques to help develop the capacity to understand different sensations in our bodies so that we can move with awareness and intelligence instead of undue effort and force.
I consider yoga as a natural continuation of my investigation into the mysteries of life and human condition and am inspired to maintain an open approach and to draw upon the world’s spiritual traditions.
I offer deep gratitude to everyone with whom I have been sharing this journey. Many heartfelt thanks to Elif Clarke for introducing me to yoga; to Maurizio Marmorato (of 'todayup Yoga') whose creative approach to yoga inspired me to look for my own authentic relationship to it; and to my Amrita teacher training tutor Nigel Gilderson (of AwaYoga') for the most compassionate learning experience of my


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