Pacsy Lam

Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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Inspired by Yoga instructors’ remark on ‘listen to your body’ during the first practice in year 2002. Since then, I started my yoga journey and connect my body for beautiful practice. Yoga practice can be very individual , I can talk to my body, pamper myself and clam down myself to acquire inner peace.
Yoga is not just asana, it is body and mind stuff. It is all about unconditional love, adopt, adjust, appreciate and accommodate. I love asana which I can observe my body and know the limitations. Meditation can have soul to soul connection to my True Self while Pranayama tones me with vital energy. Through those practices, I have experienced beautiful life with good relief of stress.
Not until I met Hersha Harilela Chellaram on 200 hrs Integral Teacher Training program in 2013 that I found my interest and competence in teaching yoga. My teaching experience started in 2013 with teaching sick kids and their parents in Ronald McDonald House as volunteer service every week. The greatest achievement is seeing their relaxing faces when leaving studio, bringing peaceful mind when coming into the yoga mat.
My ultimate goal is to help students to understand their bodies, explore the strength and limitations, realize their potentials. Leading them to manipulate stress and upsets, purify their soul to acquire inner peace and be mindful. Keep practicing Karma Yoga to serve the people in needs. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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