Paige Goodlett

San Diego, CA
United States

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Born and raised in North Carolina, Paige was initially drawn to yoga as a source of healing for a running injury. Paige soon realized that what began as a physical practice to increase strength and flexibility transformed into a life practice of conscious action. Her passion for yoga followed her to San Diego as she pursued a Master’s degree in Peace and Justice Studies. Paige completed her interconnected yoga teacher training with Sarah Clark in December of 2014 while also finishing her graduate program, which marked a pivotal moment in her life. Paige began to see the intersection between peacebuilding and yoga practice, for yoga is, in essence, a practice of peacebuilding; a practice of cultivating compassion and loving-kindness through a broader awareness of our interconnected nature. Paige’s classes seek to explore the myriad dimensions of yoga and social justice, and how a yoga practice can help us to collectively, intimately, engage with the world around us, bringing health, happiness and peace to all beings.


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