Pam Ahern

Atlanta, GA
United States

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Pam has been doing yoga for over 15 years. Her first exposure was through Iyengar. She began her love affair when she started taking Bikram yoga classes. The heat and the postures challenged her in ways she had never been challenged. Over those 15 years, Pam had an on again - off again relationship with yoga. A couple of years ago, Pam stepped into Kashi Atlanta Ashram and knew she had found something unique - a yoga enviroment that truly was welcoming; a yoga environment where every body is accepted. She decided that it was time to take her yoga to the next level and Pam got her Classical Yoga Teacher Certification at Kashi Atlanta in 2013.

Pam has trained with Swami Jaya Devi and Ashley Turner (Aroma Yoga).

Pam enjoys bringing breath, meditation, and stories to her asana classes.


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