Pamela Gaither

Boston, MA
United States

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When I was 13 years old my mother took me to my first yoga class. She'd had two back surgeries due to herniated discs. I saw her pain and I witnessed the healing power of yoga. When I experienced my own disc issues I turned to yoga for relief and mending. Yoga, I learned, was magical and wise. Since 1997 I've been devoted to teaching and exploring this auspicious practice. My classes emphasize optimal alignment, creative sequencing, and playfulness. I teach public classes throughout the Boston area. I primarily teach private yoga therapeutic sessions one-on-one to students seeking instruction tailored to their unique physical, mental and emotional needs. I specialize in recovery and healing from cancer treatments; back, neck and shoulder pain; knee, spine, and shoulder issues; sciatica; respiratory conditions; infertility; lime disease; overuse syndrome and performance enhancement. I am continually amazed and grateful for the transformative power of this practice.


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