Paola Martinez

Los Cabos BCS

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Paola Martinez shares the practice since 1998. She has study and teach in India, Canada, Chile and Mexico.

Yoga is one of the most important parts of my life, It has give me the tools to follow the path of liberation, to be in the constant process of healing, personal growth, live life as it is and be able to connect with the universe, people and nature. It´s my passion, my every day constant learning and what I do for living since more than 17 years.

I had had many amazing teachers to whom I am deeply thankful, and students that are also my teachers. I had travel to learn different paths of yoga, methods, styles, ways to practice, and in I know is a endless path of discover, but is about living it.

Since 1998 she has teach in many yoga centres and in a privet way among others, and since 2006 she gives Teacher Training and had formed over 60 students. Also has been assistant in Restorative TTC.

Paola is a meditation practitioner of techniques such as Zen and Vipassana meditation among others. She is also therapist using as tools "temazcales" Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, physiotherapy, Reiky, obsidians, and crystals; She gives psychotherapist where body psychotherapy, and Core Energetic are her main tools to keep understanding and sharing the connection of body mind and emotions.

Correct alignment, deep breath, flow from one asana to another, and create awareness in class to take it to live is what she likes to share in her classes that she teaches with a open heart.


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