Paolo Rava

Torino TO

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Paolo Rava is a certified IYENGAR ® Yoga teacher Intermediate Junior II and experienced mountain climber.
Yoga, an ancient discipline originated in India, consists of a series of positions to be practised with the control of a constant mind awareness, allowing to overcome physical, emotional and mental blocks. Iyengar has renewed and interpreted yoga, developing a method which gives a particular emphasis on the precision of positions (asana) and breathing (pranayama) and on their effect on the body and on the mind. Practice of asanas involves a continuous alignment and extention of the dorsal spine and of other parts of the body.
These positions can be practised at different levels by everybody. During the practice a condition is obtained in which strength is joined to calm and relaxation. Activating every part of the body, yoga practice gives a feeling of lightness, freedom and deep joy, improves health and increasing attention and awareness allows to face daily life with more energy and efficiency.


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