Parada Chantananont

Kensington VIC

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Parada (Ying) grew up in Thailand as a Buddhist and learnt meditation and the precursors to Yoga practice at primary school.

Ying has been teaching and practising yoga almost every day for the last 14 years. She is a level 2 Yoga Australia member and has been teaching and practicing in Kensington and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne for 7 years making regular retreats to Thailand to study with her master. She started her practice in the beautiful heart of Bangkok at Lumphini park, and practiced there every day for a number of hours in addition to her other studios.

She did a formal teacher training course with Suthee Pantong in the Pure Suthee Yoga studio but also spent 10 years in an apprenticeship guild travelling with her master as a model and a student.


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