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All my life i felt a bit different, more interiorized and interrested in deeper connection. At a young age i was looking for answers about life, human behaviors trying to understand why so much suffering and unhappiness. Already seeing the game of the mind.
So i started to read some self improvement books and i never get satisfied.
Until the day i encounter yoga in France in 2011 and decided then to quit everything to go to the source of it, the seat of spirituality : India, where i find all the answers through the science of yoga.
I have been practising yoga since 6 years, i studied and practised intensely (8h a day) in India and Thailand for 4 years differents styles of yoga : Hatha, Agama, Tantra, Vinyasa and Swasthi yoga. And i'm still learning every day. I did many silent meditation retreats in solitude.
I offer an accessible, dynamic and meditative flow of postures where long hold are emphathize in order to feel each asanas fully, acting deeper on the physical, energetic (pranic), emotionnal (astral), mental, spiritual bodies.
Throughout the entire class the focus is the breath calming down the fluctuation of the mind.
Uniting body, mind, spirit, connecting to your true self, finding inner stillness, peace and happiness within.
The science of yoga is infinite and transformative in all levels. I now share the treasures of yoga with an immense gratitude as it totally changed my life.

Week of August 2TH

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