Patricia Arias

Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Bermodsey, Rotherhithe, Southwark
United Kingdom

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Yoga classes in Canada Water, London, SE16

The classes have a good a mix of exercise, meditation and breathing. They are perfect for beginners and for those with a basic knowledge wanting to discover more.

We start with a gentle warm up (Sun Salutation) to loosen the muscles, joints and connect with the breath. Then we'll work together through a number of poses (asanas) which improve concentration and bring flexibility and strength overall.

The body reacts very well to these yoga poses. You'll be impressed by how rapidly you progress, making you feel amazing.

Classes are run by Patricia Arias Navarro, an experienced and qualified Dharma Yoga instructor who's proud to share the teachings of New York's Master Sri Dharma Mittra and Mark Kan from Dharma Yoga London.

Patricia teaches with focus, enthusiasm and positivity.

Her classes can be both challenging and relaxing which make you feel that you learn and progress quickly and that you're achieving a lot.


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