Patricia Duffy

Orleans, MA
United States
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With 35 years of practice, I describe my style of teaching as "Tricia's distillation" of both multiple years of training with phenomenal Iyengar based teachers and experience as a medical massage therapist.

My focus is on "the anatomy of movement", the pulley systems, and the deep front core of anatomy trains that support us. Added to that is my equally strong interest in the pulleys and deep core of our mental pathways. No matter how beautiful any asana practice looks, the mind can still be a bully if the student/practitioner isn't working equally as diligently on their quality of mind.

Mind is a powerful engine. The physical body is a masterpiece. The breath, the psychology of questioning our reality, is the fiber that expands our identities beyond limited linear constructs.

Whether we are in asana, bouncing physioballs, dancing, meditating, sitting around a dinner table, the YOGA / Unity of consciousness and clarity is best addressed from all 8 limbs of yoga.

My teaching is my commitment to myself and my community to rototill the motivations of all action - to eliminate need to justify, defend, compete or compare, and to aquiesce, allow, absorb and accept that every moment can be considered a perfect one when we are consciously aware of our part in it.

The most difficult yoga pose? Believing that everything happens for me, not to me.

Thank you for considering being a part of this evolutionary time of self introspection = creating a new paradigm that improves insight as well as outer world Practice makes progress. Progess takes practice!
tricia has been studying, practicing and working full time as

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist { since 1994 }
A certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher { since 1988 }
A certified Dance Fit instructor { since 1986 }
A Medical Massage Therapist { since 1984 }
A practitioner of THE WORK of Byron Katie { since 2009 }
Masters Degree in Psychology, Antioch University { since 1994 }
Opened Everybodies Aerobics in Orleans, MA { 1986 }

Moved Everybodies Aerobics into Willys Gym Orleans in 1987
Has led Yoga retreats in Yelapa, Mexico { Since 2008 }
Lived and taught in Seattle, WA at Northwest Nautilus while getting her { 1990 - 94 }
Returned to MA and opened Everybodies Yoga The Life Center for Health / Medicine { 2000 }

Taught at the Omega Institute as resident Dance Movement & Yoga Teacher { 1990 - 93 }
Assistant Faculty at The Kripalu Institute, Lenox, MA { 1989 }
Taught massage & movement at Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship conferences, PA { 1990 - 93 }
Massage Therapy Degree, Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts, Santa Cruz, CA { 1984 }
Second Massage Degree & License in Seattle, Brenneke School of Massage { 1993 }
Taught at Brenneke School of Massage and other local Massage Schools in Seattle { 1993 - 96 }

In 1989 Tricia was a guest on The Morning Show, Boston WHDH, demonstrating & discussing Aerobic trends in fitness. Tricia was director of "IN TOUCH", an AIDS support group in Seattle { 1996 - 99 } and has extensive training in Yoga and Anatomy, having studied for 15 years with Aadil Palkhivalah, 14 years with Tias Little, 1 year each with Rod Stryker and Shiva Rea, and 6 years with Sarah Powers. She’s studied meditation for 30 years { Transcendental Meditation since 1975, Vipassana Meditation since 1988, Art of Living, Sudarshan Kriya since 2000 }, and played harmonium for Siddha Yoga { 1987 - 1990 }. Tricia was guest faculty at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico in 2000.

Tricia teaches classes in Massage, Yoga, Anatomy, Meditation, Children’s Yoga, Ayurveda Principles, Dance Fitness, Pranayama, The Chakras, The Work, home practice, and has made 2 videos: “Yoga in 5 Easy Pieces” and “Self Massage with a Tennis Ball”. She has practiced as a therapist using Yoga Therapy & THE WORK of Byron Katie as her modalities since 1994 and has developed her own specific fitness, core, and strength training class called Cardio Ball Fitness Fusion that she teaches at Life Center for Health / Medicine and Willy's Gym in Orleans, MA

Presently Tricia lives in Orleans with her husband David Roth. Together they teach at conferences and institutes nationally and locally. She is active in the OCP - Orleans Community Partnership - helping to develop a community center for Orleans. She continues her Medical Massage Practice full time, teaches Yoga and “Dance 2 Live” at Willys Gym, is a guest presenter at local Yoga Studios { Majah Studio, Cape Cod Yoga Center, Dharma Connection }, and continues doing therapy using THE WORK of Byron Katie.

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