Patricia Lopez

United Kingdom

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am a Health and Wellbeing coach. I help my clients and students to reach their health and fitness goals. Focusing mainly on Running and Yoga. To me, they are the best ways to be with and within myself and that is what I like to bring into my teaching.

During my yoga training I attained a Vipassana Meditation Course and was able to enter myself and feel what it means to be in the now. This 10 days course has helped me with my daily meditation. It has taught me to be more focus and most of all to continue in my search for equanimity in my life.

In my teaching I focus in each and every student. I do prepare my classes but mostly I teach from my intuition and what I believe is needed in that given moment. I like to set an intention with the students and work on it through the class. I like to teach you to listen to what is needed for you at every moment. Where you believe your body would like to move after an asana practice.


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