Patricia Pao

Ashburn, VA
United States
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Patricia Pao has been teaching yoga in the DC area since 2001. She has studied extensively at Health Advantage Yoga Center since 1998 and has completed the HAYC teacher training program, Radiant Child, Yoga 4 Teens, Yin Yoga teacher training programs and has completed Level 2 of the Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher Training.

She is also a Relax & Renew Trainer®. Pat has also completed intensive teacher training with Kaustaub Desikchar, John Friend, Paul Grilley, Anodea Judith, Judith Lasater, Tias Little, Elise Browning Miller, Richard Rosen, Sarah Powers, Erich Schiffman and Rodney Yee.

She is a former professional dancer, ballet teacher, has worked on Broadway and as a movie casting director for many international movies and television programs.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Highly knowledgeable

Amazingly kindhearted and knowledgeable!

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A Gifted Teacher

Pat is a exquisetly gifted teacher who is able to intergrate wisdom from the continually studying she does. Pat shares her wisdom and insights generously with skill and clarity. I am also a teacher and have studied with Pat for more than 5 years. I consider Pat my primary teacher at this stage of my yoga journey.

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A Teacher Who Teaches From the Heart

Pat has a kind heart and spirit and is always willing and excited to teach you something new. She shares what she knows in any area of yoga and supports you with her invaluable years of experience. I love to see how she encourages her students with care of correct alignment, compassion, and a therapeutic style of yoga. She teaches the student the pose in a way to benefit their body. I have been a student of Pat's for a year, and I still am excited for my training sessions with her.

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Review of Patricia Pao

I have been studying yoga with Pat for over ten years. She is excellent at making all her students feel welcome and keeping her routines fresh. She is also creates a very peaceful environment.

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Pat Pao: in a word - OUTSTANDING!

Many words come to mind when describing Pat Pao's teaching style - innovative, inclusive, creative, comprehensive, gentle, personal, inspired. These are the words that come to mind immediately. Pat is the only teacher I have had, in the many years I have been a yoga student, who synthesizes the information she has learned in the numerous Master Teacher workshops she attends, and presents this information to her classes in clear language and demonstration.
Pat's style of teaching is interesting, non-judgmental and caring. She creates a strong sense of community and has many dedicated students. I am one of those dedicated students - blessed to have Pat as a teacher.

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Breath of Fresh Air

Pats class's are like a refuge after a long battle. I can always look forward to lots of releases, good breathing and yummy poses that make you go AHHHH! She is innovative, creative, caring, compassionate, and fun! The only down fall I have is that I can't get to her classes as much as I would like! She is truly an inspiration to yoga and going to her class ALWAYS leaves me feeing refreshed, renewed and relaxed. LOVE HER!