Patricia Sheerin

Cincinnati, OH
United States

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Patricia is a nationally certified Yoga teacher, with a focus in the Anusara tradition. Her own personal practice, since 1996, has supported her through many life changes and helped to bring her greater health and well-being. Patricia shares these gifts through her classes and individual training sessions as well as using yoga techniques in her bodywork sessions.
Patricia’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology supports her intuitive grasp of the individual’s body, alignment and energy, allowing her to offer deeply effective adjustments and instruction.
Each student is met where they are, while Patricia holds a vision of their goal and guides them toward that with grace, humor and an open heart.
The main focus of Patricia’s yoga is to assure that each student is developing a conscious awareness of mind, body, energy and breath. This is done through clear and concise instruction on alignment, hands-on adjustments, and encouraging, non-judgmental commentary to support the student’s spiritual engagement.


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