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I'm a Yoga teacher, Nutritionist and Touch for Health Kinesiology practitioner and my aim is to take the mystery out of Yoga and confusion out of healthy Nutrition. With my knowledge and skills I'm able to help you find balance in your life - every day! I'm bringing Yoga into your Community and healthy Nutrition into your home.

Qualified Nutritionist () and qualified Yoga teacher


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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Patricia is patient, encouraging and has a calm, confident approach - her relaxation phase is incredible and taking her classes has changed my life!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Peaceful Yoga

Patricia's yoga class is wonderful for me.
I always come away feeling relaxed and peaceful.
I am a gardener, and my body feels good when I wake up the next morning after yoga, instead of sore and stiff when I haven't been to yoga.
I would love to attend Patricia's yoga classes every evening if this was possible!
I value and appreciate Patricia for her knowledge, and her caring and nurturing personality.
Kelly G

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Review of Patricia Smith, Yoga Teacher

I am very pleased to be able to review such an amazing person. Patricia is so much more than a Yoga Teacher, she is supportive, caring and genuine. She gets to know all her pupils individually and tailors and adjusts her classes where necessary to suit our individual needs.


I have been a pupil of Patricia for over two and a half years and in the first two years regained my balance, shape and confidence in myself. Unfortunately early this year I suffered a stroke. I am now back at yoga, have regained my balance (which I lost on my right hand side), and am now set to regain my strength. Yoga has helped me read my body's signals, so I know when to slow down and when to work a little harder.

I am confident with Patricia's help and support I will be back at my former fitness and health levels in no time at all.

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Fabulous yoga classes

I have been attending Patricias classes for several months now and they are the best classes I Have been to and I have attended a few over the years. My strength in my legs, arms and back has increased pretty quickly. My suppleness is slowly getting there but I think this is a long term goal and will improve over time. I have quite a physical job and used to suffer from a lot of shoulder discomfort and thoracic spine problems and had to visit an Osteopath on a regular basis. I now find as long as I regularly attend Patricias classes my shoulders and back are no longer a problem, thanks for a great class Patricia!

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Can not rate her highly enough!

I am so grateful to have met Patricia she is the perfect, balanced Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist with such a wealth of knowledge. Even better, she is constantly evolving and just keeps bringing more to the classes. Her presence is calm and her friendly attitude is ever positive. It's clear that she loves what she does. Patricia gives with patience, insight and love. I simply can't rate her highly enough!

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Great teacher

Patricia explains well and has good communication outside of class too. Highly recommended.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Love my Yoga sessions with Patricia. She is focused and caring. She gives a wonderful range of positions and is always dedicated to the safety of our bodies. I wouldn't go anywhere else and can't recommend her enough. Adie Foster