Patricia Sotolongo

Miami, FL
United States
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I am a 200hr certified yoga instructor based in Miami, Florida. I am certified in hatha, as well as Restorative and Kids Yoga. Yoga has the power to transform lives, in spiritual, psychological, and physical ways. This lifestyle complements my career in psychology, adding to my interest in helping others seek a healthy and happy life. I received my bachelor in psychology from the University of Miami, and recently finished my masters in clinical psychology at Barry University. Yoga brings balance to my life by allowing me to relax and find peace. This is what I strive to help my patients find, as well as my yoga students. Yoga allows you to be more aware of yourself and the environment, and in my classes I try to help students find the connection between body and mind.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderful Yoga Teacher

I've been taking classes with Patricia for the past eight months. She is a wonderful yoga teacher who is extremely knowledgeable and inspirational! I look forward to all her classes! She has made my life so much better!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The Yoga Instructor Everybody Deserves

Patricia makes yoga as easy to get into as any other favorite hobby you like. She asked me this or that questions to tailor to my needs. I have a great time but it is also relaxing, and work out oriented. I have already started recommending her. =)

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First Yoga Class for me

She made the whole thing a lot less intimidating that I used to think. Practiced a little bit of everything and she was really good even for dealing with such a complete amateur as I. Will definitely do more classes!

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Refreshing for the body, mind and soul.

Patricia brings a restorative and unwinding feel at the end of every session. She knows how to guide you through the most difficult poses, adjusts your body to the perfect form, and brings you back into total relaxation. Whether she is talking you through a guided meditation or helping you keep a balanced pose, she is at all times nourishing the relationship you have with your body, mind and soul.

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Patty is receptive to YOU

I've completed a few sessions with Patty and each one has been a resounding success. She is a young, knowledgeable, and pleasant instructor. I believe what sets Patty apart from other instructors is that she truly focuses on your needs and expectations for each session. From brief conversations before the start of a session, Patty includes poses to alleviate issues and explains how I can take something away from class for cumulative effects. Only very knowledgable individuals can seamlessly do this! She has great insight into the human body and mind. As such, I completely recommend her and praise her instruction!

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Great Instructor!

Had a recent class with Patricia in the yoga studio she works at. She offered a good paced class, great flow, and fun challenging poses suitable for all levels of yoga experience.
Looking forward to taking more classes with her!

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Teaches from the heart

Patty's classes are a treat for the mind, body and soul. She is extremely perceptive and devotes her full attention to her students throughout class. Her attentiveness helps remind you to stay connected to your breath and keep a calm mind throughout class. Her classes are light-hearted and comforting, and she'll lead you through some awesome guided meditations. Patty has a gentle heart and it shows in her teaching.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Patty brings a high level of creativity and passion to the practice she shares with students. Through a variety of asanas intertwined with discussion and adjustments, doing yoga with Patty will leave you feeling rejuvenated and limber! Over time, getting to know Patty has been a great gift; her gentleness, open intelligence, and kind heart are truly inspirational. I couldn't ask for a better teacher!

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Yoga Done Right

Patricia's class was a great experience for me. As a beginner I tend to feel a little intimidated by yoga courses and usually opt to practice yoga in private using video instructions. She started off with basic poses and then would demonstrate more advanced poses, encouraging those participants who thought they could attempt them with advice and sometimes physically adjusting them, but also mindful that not everyone was as experienced.


She made it easy to feel confident enough to try poses I hadn't done before, but I never felt pressured to try poses that I felt would be painful or difficult. She really gauges the individual participants and helps them along at the pace they need or prefer, while still maintaining a feel of a group exercise. She ended the session with a guided relaxation where we focused on only sensing different parts of body, which was probably my favorite part. I highly recommend her for everyone, no matter the level of experience you have!

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A relaxing and energizing class for any level

Patty blends physical effort with a spiritual focus, leaving her students relaxed and aware. She explains and demonstrates diligently and makes frequent adjustments, making her students feel comfortable and open. She's also extremely kind and passionate about teaching.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Kind hearted, attentive, and professional

I have enjoyed all of my classes with Patty so far. They have a smooth flow and are a great mix of physically challenging asanas and asanas for centering and re engaging with the breath. She is consistent and considerate in her teaching style. I am a huge fan of her guided meditations as well. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher or a personal trainer.

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Awesome for all levels

Mrs. Sotolongo displays a lot of knowledge in her classes. She is very good at making classes easy for beginners and challenging for advanced students. She has an ability to explain things in a way most people understand that you don't see quiet often with other instructors. She is always making adjustments to make sure her students do all poses right so they build good habits. She is extremely friendly and loves to teach, she demonstrates it in her work ethic. Great class overall, highly recommended

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A teacher who will guide you physically and spiritually

Patricia offers her students a challenging yet safe practice. She brings compassion into her teaching, as she watches, guides and leads her sessions.
A new teacher, yet Patricia brings years of her own practice into her sessions. Yoga with Patricia will leave you feeling energized and relaxed. Both she and yoga will befriend you for life.