Patrick Vermeulen


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Yoga caught my interest during my time as a foot reflexologist in New York. Those years in the Big Apple, and especially starting at the Jivamukti studio, turned out to change everything – there would be no more life without yoga. When I returned to Amsterdam, there was no Vinyasa yoga anywhere to be found, so after studying years both Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Primary series,and travelling to India, Gösta and I started Svaha Yoga in 1999 combining all of our knowledge in a juicy cocktail.
I also happen to love music. So when the power of chanting by Krishna Das opened my heart 20 years ago, I could no longer imagine life without it. I play traditional music in class, but also soul and Lamb and Beatles.
My love for music and chanting also inspired me to record the album Shraddha.
These are prayers I learned during the years I stayed in India at the ashram of Neem Karoli Baba.
I teach also meditation,pranayama and philosophy, and teach yoga retreats like at Yoga Rocks in Crete in October 2015.


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