Patrizia Moretto

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Patrizia lives between the Treviso hills in Veneto and the town of Marsala. She has practised yoga for more than twenty years and trained at the Yoga and Yogism school. After a four year course under the guidance of Alberta Boccato and Sergio Geromal, she qualified as an Hatha Yoga teacher and continues her personal yoga education by regularly attending seminars in both Italy and India, a country that she fell in love with on her first visit in 1982. In the year 2000, she transforms a traditional Sicilian Villa, Villa Sparta, into a Bed and Breakfast which now welcomes guests from around the world. Her path as a Yoga teacher started in this land full of energy. Her encounter with Chicca and Luisa becomes the beginning of new projects as they run a children’s summer camp for 160 children in 2014 and plan for the yoga holidays that they hold dear. Currently, Patrizia runs seminars for Hatah yoga, laughter yoga and Pranayama yoga at the Sanghita Tantric Centre. During the last few years, she has specialised in in children’s yoga and yoga during pregnancy, working alongside paediatricians and child educators. She teaches yoga at several pre-schools and primary schools in Treviso.


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