Patti Jo Wagner

Two Rivers, WI
United States
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Mindful Living is your one-of-a-kind sacred sanctuary. Rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga and ayurveda, these two sciences, when practiced together, create a respect like no other and a soulfully simply lifestyle that naturally provides each individual with all they need to find well-being; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Located in Two Rivers, WI, "The Empty Nest" symbolizes the natural progression of life. The truth that, in the beginning, it is essential to have a nest to grow up in with unconditional love and nourishment. A safe nest in which to learn, experience and grow into your own self without judgement. An environment that gives daily nourishment, inspiration and support. A foundation that is built on the importance of deep roots and healthy relationships and boundaries, with ourselves and others. Because no two individual are the same, or should ever be, "The Empty Nest" believes in giving each person plenty of space to breathe and to have plenty of personal experience so each individul can make the choice that brings the greatest joy. The Empty Nest gives each person the tools, seeds and courage to leave the nest and to soar with wings wide open.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga complete

Teaches all aspects of yoga.

Patti Jo WagnerSeptember 15, 2018

Betty you are so sweet. Thank you. I so miss your smiling face and huge heart.

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Patti Jo is exceptional!

I have learned so much over the years as a student in Asanas, Reiki, essential oils, Chants, Kriya, and many other avenues in yoga and Ayurveda. Patti Jo shows you ALL aspects of Yoga study.

Patti Jo WagnerJuly 26, 2018

Marilyn I am so grateful for you. It bring me such joy to teach to students as passionate and open minded as you are. :)

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Patti Jo is love

Such a big heart and loving spirit and wants to share all she knows. Blessed to know her and will always be thankful for her words

Patti Jo WagnerJuly 26, 2018

Andrea you are such a blessing. I am so happy our paths crossed and that we can share our journey together. :)

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Patti Jo does it right!!!!!

Patti Jo embraces the true practice of yoga. Being in her class is truly a blessing

Patti Jo WagnerAugust 4, 2015

Having you in class is the real blessing! Namaste

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she is my favorite yoga teacher!

patti jo is a very inspirational and motivating yoga teacher. she is very informative and approachable. she always makes you feel welcome and comfortable. she makes yoga very relatable. she walks the walk!

Patti Jo WagnerApril 13, 2015
Om Shanti

Love you Geri! Thanks for your super kind and inspiring words. Namaste'

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fabulous Teacher

Patti Jo is my first and only yoga teacher. She is focused, always prepared and has an incredible practice. She is passionate and motivated to teach and takes special care to get to know all of her students so that she can instruct each according to skill level and health restrictions. She was very instrumental in helping me to recover from hip replacement surgery two years ago. I recommend Patti Jo to anyone wanting a practice filled with proper alignment, and wonderful movement designed to help one focus and look within. Meditative and Spiritually focused.

Patti Jo WagnerApril 10, 2015

Lynn you are such an inspiration. Super blessed to have you in my life.
Om Shanti