Pattie Stafford

Foster City, CA
United States

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Pattie feels so blessed to have been able to teach and share her love for dance and yoga for a total of over thirteen years. Pattie’s passion and dedication is focused on sharing the many gifts of yoga and offering support and guidance in this lifelong journey of exploration and discovery through practice. Pattie creatively combines her knowledge of dance, Yoga, and Pilates, and emphasizes observing and finding the connection between grounding, alignment, core strength, and powerful breath within intelligent and challenging asana (physical pose) sequences. Her classes and teaching methods foster and integrate a spirit of acceptance and openness, while cultivating self-awareness, peace, and gratitude. Pattie’s classes will leave you feeling energized and renewed with motivation to cultivate and celebrate a way of life that brings strength, stability, and joy to all aspects of being.


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