Patty Holmes

White Plains, NY
United States
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My name is Patty Holmes.

"Practicing with full attention in the body is advanced yoga, no matter how simple the pose. Practicing with a scattered mind is beginning yoga, no matter how difficult the pose."

My mission is to provide the space and the tools to those who enter my yoga studio, to create significant positive change in their lives.

Yoga is our tool, our bodies are our laboratory and our life is our motivation. We study yoga to investigate the parts of ourselves that we recognize as needing support, change or strengthening.

My approach to yoga starts with the breath, from there, we go where we allow ourselves to go…whether it's advanced poses or restorative sequences to relieve stress.

All are welcome.

I've been a student of yoga since 1974, a teacher since 1998. My yoga students range in age from 6 to 93. They include college professors, attorneys, psychiatrists, doctors, physical therapists, and lots of others!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga Training at the Yoga Garden in White Plains

Yoga Training at the Yoga Garden in White Plains


Yoga training at the Yoga Garden in White Plains offers a well-structured curriculum, easing you into a breath centered yoga tradition. You will learn how to slowly build complex yoga poses and the benefits, explore Vinyassa flows and get a feel for “trauma informed yoga” all while working on breath-centered self explorations. You will be invited to slow down, discover your habits, and expand into an individual practice, supporting your next growing steps. You will be inspired to add meditation practices, work on a gratitude journal, and start teaching building your way up to an entire class flow. You will be encouraged to find your own teaching style and niche while making some friends along the way. Don’t hesitate to go for it; it will change your life for the better. Two experienced and kind yoga teachers will guide you - I highly recommend!

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The best!

Patty is a unique yoga teacher, she's knowledgeable, has an amazing energy and cares about her students. I've been going to the Yoga Garden for 3 years, she has been helping me to deal with my anxiety as well as my stiff body.

I leave her classes feeling connected with my mind and body, relaxed, energized and empowered!

I'm really grateful I've found her!

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Christel Pugin

I have been taking classes with Patty since the late 1990's; one class a week to begin with and for the last dozen years two classes a week. I could not imagine my life without going to Patty's yoga classes. I admire her immensely for all she gives us: a much better working body and mind. We leave her class with a feeling of accomplishment, ability to focus better and a sense of relaxation. We know we did something good for ourselves which helps us to respond better to other people's needs. Patty stresses that we must listen to our own bodies. In other words, we do not try to compete. As said above, I hope to continue my semi-weekly classes with Patty for many more years to come. New students are always made to feel welcome.

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long time student

I've been taking yoga with Patty for almost 15 years. She is an amazing teacher. Her insights into how to have yoga enhance not only your physical being but also your emotional & spiritual beings is a true gift. Each class is a new journey. I highly recommend Patty.

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Patty Holmes is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She has taught me how to relax, breathe, and strengthen my body all at the same time. I feel wonderful! I would highly recommend any of her classes to anyone that is a novice or experienced in practicing yoga.
Twice a week is the key for me!

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Patty Holmes has been my Yogi for more than 10 years. She is an amazing teacher... patient and encouraging. I've always felt like Patty's classes were tailored to my needs, even when there are a dozen other students in the room. With a focus on connecting mind and body, I have been able to grow my personal yoga practice becoming strong, flexible and confident. I highly recommend Patty as a teacher for any level of practice. She always manages to keep the perfect balance - strength and sweetness- in every class.

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Yoga with Patty at Yoga Garden

This is my third year to attend yoga with Patty on an almost weekly basis and so far I have enjoyed every single session, feeling nurtured, within my comfort zone, challenged enough and ALWAYS at ease to not go any further than feels appropriate for me. I particularly enjoy the pace of her classes, the mindful attention that is given to working with all different body parts, the breath work, the integration of body and mind and her openness to continue learning, growing and exploring.


I have always felt safe in Patty's classes to also explore around the edges of my physical limitations and enjoyed discovering that with Patty's gentle guidance and long-term experience as a teacher, I could at times extend comfortably beyond my perceived limitations. I am looking forward to many more yoga experiences with her.

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Patty is easily one of the best teachers I have had. She has a solid understanding of the human body and uses that to inform her practice and that of her students. She has the ability to make all of her students, from absolute beginners to advanced yogis, feel comfortable in her classes.


She doesn't teach to one level or another but seamlessly integrates all levels so that everyone comes away feeling that they have learned something, improved their practice and challenged themselves in some way mentally or physically. She is open to various styles of yoga and incorporates them into her classes. Not only do I believe that my practice has improved since being with Patty, but I believe my knowledge of and understanding of yoga has deepened as well. And that means that my practice is more satisfying because it is approached holistically.