Paul Bailey

United Kingdom

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I found Yoga (or indeed it found me) by accident. Since my first, almost magical, class I have continued to enjoy the enormous benefits that the Yogic lifestyle brings to all facets of life.

From the early beginnings of a purely physical practice, I have been guided by successive teachers into a personal practice incorporating the teachings of Patanjali, Krishnamacharya, Iyenga et al.

I completed a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course which acted to broaden my horizons and developed in me a need to not only continue the physical practice but to research and understand the history and philosophy of Yoga.

So, early in 2010 I signed up for a Yoga teacher course, realising that I really needed to pass on the benefits of Yoga to others so they could benefit from the overall feeling of good that I had benefited from. I have been teaching Yoga since 2011 although my teaching experience spans over 30 years.

My personal teaching style is a mix of the Hatha Yoga styles I have benefited from, with emphasis on the individual and their personal strengths and limitations. I draw on personal experience to enlighten my teachings.

In my classes I encourage each person to practice in a safe and supporting way so they achieve the maximum benefit from the classes. Each class incorporates not only the physical “asanas” or exercises but also breath work (pranayama) and relaxation techniques allowing students to re-connect to their inner selves relieving the tensions and stresses brought about by modern life.

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