Paul Busch

Saint Paul, MN
United States

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I've worked with the bandhas for 30 years and incorporate them into all of my classes. We explore posture, breath and mind from a non-dogmatic perspective, using the ultimate organizing principle of simply doing what works. My 15 years of training in alignment with Iyengar Yoga was a springboard for diving deeper into understanding alignment, using both Western and Eastern (yoga) anatomy. I pay particular attention to joints, both because joint health is important and because the joints are a powerful doorway into more efficient and effective structural alignment. I've taken to heart the idea that asana can be meditation in motion, but distinguish that from classical meditation. My students bring conscious resistance to paths of least resistance to find balance, openness and strength with ease, grace and softness. Our breathwork opens the full spectrum of the breath as we explore balancing the pattern and qualities of the in-breath (prana) with the pattern and qualities of the out-breath (apana). Balancing prana and apana connects to bandhas, structural alignment, working with paths of least resistance, and efficient support from the center, or core.


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