Paul Gould

Felton, CA
United States

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When asked what type of yoga we teach, we like to say, “yoga for life.” We integrate the best from the many systems of yoga we have studied and practiced over thirty years and see yoga as an evolutionary process. Our focus is on building efficient, functional strength in your yoga-- often deconstructing traditional yoga poses so you can challenge yourself to create proper movement mechanics, develop balanced strength and become more aware of habit patterns you may have developed that don’t help your yoga practice -- or everyday movements--evolve.

We believe flexibility comes from balanced strength. Whole body movements that integrate balancing, rotational actions and balanced extension help us build a stronger foundation and core. We value breathing fully, resting sufficiently, working efficiently in correct alignment as hallmarks of intelligent yoga practice. To this end we often use a variety of tools including balls, foam rollers, bands, poles, massagers, anything that can help stimulate circulation, release and mobilize connective tissue.

We see Yoga as a means of connecting ourselves with our highest potential to live life heartfully, mindfully, compassionately, peacefully--wearing out more slowly in the process. Students of all levels of ability and yoga experience are welcome and honored for their unique differences, limitations and talents.

We are grateful and bring to our teaching our eclectic background of studies with many teachers including the Iyengars, John Friend, Kofi Busia and systems including Iyengar®, Anusara®, Yoga Therapy, Zen Buddhist Meditation, the Nia ® Technique, Brad Bartenen’s elite training, Hakomi and Trauma therapy and our own Yoga practice.


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