Paula Anderson

Bristol, RI
United States

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Paula Anderson is a certified RYT500 Vinyasa instructor with Yoga Alliance. Fitness and fitness instruction have always been a part of her life and in 2008 she found her connection to Yoga. She quickly became a regular practitioner drawn by the peace and centering it brought to her life. “I’m telling you, it’s magic on the mat!”

“No matter the style, yoga connects you to that place of personal power, allowing you to disengage from life distractions and to focus internally on breath, posture and mindfully being open to accept the moment.”

Paula’s love, kindness and soulful style welcomes practitioners of all levels. “I enjoy creating an experience, asking students for input and designing on a dime. Creating what their bodies and minds are seeking on that particular day. After all, It doesn’t matter if it’s your first downward dog or your one thousandth, TODAY it’s brand new…and that’s what Yoga is about, being here in the present.”

Paula lives in Bristol, RI, sharing her heart and home with her family and furry babies <3


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