Paula Marriott

United Kingdom

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I believe that Hatha Yoga offers a unique holistic approach to mind, body and spirit providing us with many tools which may help us to cope better with the challenges of daily life. Personally I have experienced the benefits of yoga in areas of stress and tension release, increased flexibility, relief from back pain and weight control. I was fortunate to do my training for the Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga qualifications with Dr. Elena Voyce, a former forensic physician and advanced Yoga and Pilates instructor. Fascinated by our anatomy and physiology, I have since been inspired by tutors Peter and Sabine Blackaby and Gary Carter and now tend to teach yoga based on movements that our evolution has determined come most naturally to our bodies and those we need to maintain to live our lives in the fullest sense. In my classes I aim to encourage an attitude of self-nurture where we work within a comfortable range so the movements made can feed back positively to the nervous system. With focus on our alignment, I like to link movement with the breath to encourage physical and emotional balance and wherever possible create a flowing sequence. I like to think that when we practise yoga regularly we might eventually glimpse a state of ‘effortless effort’ where we move without bringing any additional tension to our intended actions…and, as a bi-product, perhaps we can start to enjoy this away from the mat as well. A typical class will include some relaxation, meditation and the practice of breathing techniques to activate the body’s relaxation response which can bring a cascade of benefits to the body. As well as group classes which are suitable for beginners to more experienced students I also teach tailored one to one classes. For further information please visit


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