Paula Pister

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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I'm a Yoga Teacher & Yoga Health Coach but most of all- Mom to two amazing kids. I love what I do and want to do more. I teach what I most need to learn and learn what I most need to teach. I'm inspired by my kids, nature, life and mostly my amazing Dad who passed away in 2014- he was my biggest teacher and mentor.

I grew up in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada. I was blessed with a childhood that allowed me to ride and show horses competitively for most of my early and teen years - I’m convinced my parents did that to keep me in the barn with horses and not running around with boys. I later got tangled up in the growing film industry as an actor and a costume stylist - for nearly 15 years. My heart however, was still in acting, so somewhere in the late 90’s I decided to pick up and move to NYC to study acting and pursue “the dream”. In doing that I met my husband (of 16 years), got married and became a US resident, now citizen.

Being a small town girl in the big city was a challenging transition, but once I found my first yoga class at Crunch on 83rd street, I knew I found home. Now the spiritual aspect of the practice, I was already well versed in, as my AMAZING Father had me questioning dogma and studying various texts and philosophies from the time I was 13. The philosophy of Yoga and the spiritual aspect was what drew me in, the asana practice was the icing on the cake.

I completed my first Teacher Training in 2000 and proceeded to run around NYC teaching classes, corporate and private, every day, from the UWS to Tribecca and back. My studies continued with Rodney Yee, Cindy Lee and a variety of wonderful teachers. We moved to LA in 2004. At this point in my life, with two children now, and years of study and trainings under my belt, I find that my greatest teachers are my own kids, my students and my dear Father (who recently passed away in June 2014). He will always be my greatest teacher, mentor and inspiration!

My classes combine precise physical alignment and are grounded in a theme, often related to whatever is or has been going on in my own life, and I guarantee it’ll relate to yours on some level. I encourage my students to connect with their inner teacher through inquiry, curiosity and exploration. As a teacher I want to encourage my students to explore the practice with a light heart and steadfast self-respect, offering ways to recognize their limitless potential, both on and off of the mat. "It is all about self-love.” It starts by taking care of yourself, nourishing and embracing everything that you are, and moving forward from there. I want to create a space for people to have fun in their bodies and listen intently to themselves with honor and respect. I’m excited to be teaching at One Down and look forward to meeting you on the mat.


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