Paulie Zink

Billings, MT
United States
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Paulie Zink is the founder of Yin yoga. He received intensive private training for ten years as the sole protege of Chinese Taoist yoga and Kung fu Master Cho Chat Ling. A three time international martial arts grand-champion, Paulie is renowned for his fluidity, flexibility and artistry of motion. Through his many years of practice and study he has evolved the ancient Taoist tradition into his own unique style he calls Yin and Yang yoga. With his relaxed and playful demeanor, students find him to be a very approachable and enjoyable teacher. He brings to his teaching over 30 years experience and a profound knowledge he conveys with a simple clarity that comes from true understanding.

Paulie's 2017 100 hour Teacher Training Certification Schedule:

PureYoga Reno, Reno NV
Session I March 4-10 2017
Session II Sept 16-22 2017

Chicago Yoga Center, Chicago IL
Session I April 22-28 2017
Session II October14-20 2017

Shanti Yoga, Berkley MI
Session I June 24-30, 2017
Session II November 11-17, 2017

*Both sessions I & II and completion of assignment are required to obtain the 100 hour certification* Sessions may be taken individually and out of sequence at different locations*


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
"Master of his Art"

Paulie has been my teacher since 1999. It has been wonderful to witness his true mastery of The Art he has created through Yin and Yang Yoga. A great teacher by example, and a friend to every student. His ability to simplify yoga to the point of true enjoyment and pure fun is what makes his students so drawn to his style. As he would say "Don't think about it so much...just do it"!!! The power and grace in our yoga is in the doing...the greatest thing he has ever taught me....and so many others. Thank you Paulie!!! What a joy!!!

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Master Zink sees the unlimited potential in his students

I attended my first certification course with Master Paulie Zink in August 2014.


In my first week of training, I saw my first glimpse of the Complete Art of Yin and Yang Yoga. The Complete Art of Yin and Yang Yoga is a complete practice and a refreshing balance of stillness and flow, fun and focus. Master Zink encouraged me to embody the energetic elements of the postures, grow and flow. The more I practiced, the better I felt the flow of energy in my energetic body and created space in my physical body. As I became better connected with my personal practice it helped me relay what I learned when teaching to my students.

Master Zink sees the unlimited potential in all of his students. He has amazing ability in his body through years of practice, but clearly conveys this practice to all abilities and ages. He shows us the tools but encourages each student to create and connect with the art of their own practice. He inspires by example and has trust in this practice that it will show the student the way to live in harmony and balance with nature.

I just completed my third certification week with Master Zink and continue to study with him. At the end of each week, I feel refreshed and inspired.

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Very affective and direct

What's best is Sifu always have a beginners modest approach that makes any beginner and more experience feel on the same level of teacher student followed by reverse rolls of student teacher.

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Truly a master.

I have been fortunate to attend two different weekends with Master Zink. He is warm, friendly and so knowledgeable about Taoist Yoga. Truly a master and a delightful presence when he teaches. He really encourages you to practice and to "flow and grow."

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Renowned for his fluidity, flexibility & artistry of motion!

Studying with Paulie Zink is an opportunity not to be missed. Having just completed his advanced Yin yoga teacher certification training, I cannot express here all that I learned. Each and every time I go to study with him I learn something new.

It just grows and grows with practice under the tutelage of a true master.


He teaches the practice as something that you undertake for a lifetime to keep your health and well being. His advanced week of training begins to delve into medical chi kung and other various practices based on the 5 elements of the Chinese Taoist healing system that has its roots in the ancient shamanistic tradition, along with Paulie's own observations of nature and animals obtained over a lifetime.

Wow... you come away feeling alive and with a set of skills that you can practice every day to keep you feeling like a child again.
Thank you Master Zink!

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Master Teacher

Paulie Zink is a creative and powerful practitioner of the internal and movement arts. Humble and approachable, he uses laughter to engage deeply. Do not miss the opportunity to train with a true master teacher and the originator of Yin Yoga!