Paulius Savickas

United Kingdom

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My name is Paulius, I was born and raised in the magical land of Lithuania.

First time I have heard about Yoga was in my early childhood when my father told me about people from India with extraordinary abilities. It naturally sparked my imagination and curiosity. Few years after I bought a book about Yoga practice. It became my first teacher from which I have learned first Kriya which I’m still using till the present day whenever I need to heal the soar throat quickly, also some asanas and discovered healing effects of mantras… Beside all that, at the similar time I came up with idea about non-thinking mind which kept bothering me within it’s own paradoxic nature and eventually led me to my first attempts to meditate.  At the beginning I found it very difficult and tiring, but quite a few years later, once I have managed – it became very profound and rewarding experience. Since then my interest kept growing and more and more sources of knowledge and inspiring people started appearing in my life and opening deeper understanding about reality and human nature.

My further path led me to the various events, schools, ashrams and centres of yoga and meditation in Lithuania, Spain, France, Portugal, England and India. I have spent one year traveling, volunteering and studying in beautiful India, discovering lucid-dream like places and meeting wonderful people, gaining knowledge from Yoga and meditation teachers, Tibetan buddhists and simple ordinary people.

In 2016 I graduated from “Yoga London” and I became a qualified Yoga Teacher. Now I am offering group and private yoga classes in London.


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