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I'm a Kampala based yogi. I teach dynamic vinyasa flow style classes. I am a bio technologist turned yoga teacher and am loving every bit of my journey. Give me a shout out to practice with me!

PS: I teach from home so you get to meet and play with my super loving pup as well. :)

See you on your mat!
Love and light x


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

17 Reviews

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My favorite yoga teacher

When I moved to Kampala a couple of months ago I was desperate to find a place to practice good yoga. I got recommended a few places and decided to try them all and see which class I liked best, starting with Payals class. Two months later I have still not found the need to try another class. The reason for that is quite simple.


Payal is a wonderful human being with a beautiful spirit that happens to be very contagious, making me leave every single class completely relaxed with a smile on my face.

Payal is one of a very few yoga instructors I have met that get me to relax my busy mind and be completely at the moment while doing my practice, which is a quality I look for in an instructor. She has managed to create a place where yogis at all levels come together and, speaking for myself at least, push themselves to their limits in each and every pose with the help of her adjustments.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the setting. Yoga by sunset on a rooftop in Kampala. Doesnt get much better!

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Best teacher I ever had

Payal is awesome. I could stop my review there, but will continue a bit so you can understand why :).
Payal is without a doubt the best teacher I ever had. I love the fact that she adjust your poses, pushing you to go just a little further, without

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The best yoga teacher

Payal's yoga sessions have become an essential part of my week. She's an incredible teacher. Not only is she a inherently lovely person, she has also managed to create a safe and open space for yogis of all levels to come together in their practice. Since my first practice I have found Payal's flows very natural and easy to follow yet Payal still helps me to challenge myself in each and every pose. And as if that's not enough, whenever I come for yoga, I am greeted by the most adorable dog in Kampala.

Payal GoriOctober 21, 2016

Have I told you that I love you <3

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Best yoga in Uganda

Stayed in India for 3months,1 month in Reshikesh this year,fell in love with yoga so much. It was so lucky for me to meet Payal in Kampala,then I can practice more ,learn more about yoga spirit.

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I know Phi since 10 years, since she was a chaotic teenager to the person she has become now.

Her teaching is very personalized and she tries to train every one at a personal level.

she knows yoga, its her calling. Its like batman knew he will be batman .. always. just realized his calling one day.

shes one of the most wonderful people I know, if you are entering the world of yoga, this is the experience you want to get.

p.s: she might try to steal your books when you are not looking. #noonesperfect

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My favourite yoga teacher!

I don't live in Uganda anymore but each time I go back for work, no matter how short my trip I always have to go to Payal's class! She is hands down the best teacher I have ever had, I am yet to find one in London who guides the participants through such an energising, reflective and positive practice. The location of the studio (rooftop) is also great, and Payal is a warm and lovely person! Cannot recommend enough.

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Payal! you are a dynamic yoga teacher and motivator. I love practicing with you. :-) i admire most about you is you give space to each yogi/nis.
i got a good strength in my body after practicing with you. Thank you so much!

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thank you so much

million thanks to payal: in just few classes i feel so much relaxed and calm i feel like a feathers and i experience deep sleep i am grateful:

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Best you can get in town

I recently started yoga with Payal & I have had great pleasure in attending Payal's Class. She is always considerate of her students.
As I get older I feel myself becoming less flexible. These yoga sessions are helping me to regain my flexibility till some extent & it's wonderful workout for body.
Though I have been going twice a week but it's something I look forward to in my week. If I can get little bit more out of my time I would say
“Just let me know when & where your next class is, and I'll be there.”

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Brilliant teacher

Payal is an amazing teacher! Would go to her classes every day if I could. Everything I need right now....clear and focused head space as well as a real physical challenge.

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Perfect combination between workout and relaxation

Payal has a great way to teach yoga - she is always friendly and gentle, explains and shows at the same time. You have the feeling she is doing yoga with you and for you - correcting you when she sees that your position is not correct.
At the end of the class she always reminds you to be good with your body, to let bad thoughts leave your body and to have a strong mind. I love that she even reminds you to enjoy every bite of your meal and be thankful for every sip you take. Really recommendable - great yoga in a peaceful environment.

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every class is a new class

I have attended 8 classes and every class has been a different experience. Every class has left me feeling energetic happy and satisfied. I like the flow of her class, she sequences her exercises really well. Her class keeps me focussed and interested, which is great as I am so easily distracted. At the end of the week, you have worked well on your upper body, lower body and core.

Also her classes are full of positivity, love and warmth.

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Very nice and relaxing

All the Yoga lessons i attended were very usufull to send some stress away. Very good even froma working out point of view.
Friendly people!

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Greatest Yoga Teacher

I have had trouble with my weight and trying to feel confident in my body. But when i met Payal and actually tried out yoga for the very first time,I have never felt calm, confident,and flexible. Benefits to my soul and body. She stretches you to limits you didn't know you could reach and sets goals for you to beat. I always feel more refreshed and lighter on my feet every after a class. Besides being a great yogi, she is also a nice lovable friend and am glad i met her. She is so welcoming and has all the qualities you would look for in a teacher. Looking forward to my next classes.

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Yoga with Payal is not just a yoga class. It's an amazing physical workout that leaves you with a spiritual awakening. She helps push all physical and mental boundaries for us to realize our potential. Love her classes!

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From the first time iv attended her class she has been absolutely brilliant. From the start of her speech where u leave all wordly matters behind n focus on ur whole n soul to the end when u slowly return to earth more empowered n confident.
The body gets a great work out in all areas as well and a special focus on core.

Besides its great fun, she explains all postures well amd allows each individual to grow in thr own pace. Always looking fwd to the next class.

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The Best Yoga Classes I've ever had.

I've been taking Yoga classes for many years on and off. And since i have lived in different parts of the world, I've tried classes from many different teachers. I have to say that Payal is by far the best yoga teacher i've had. She makes each class different and enjoyable. She doesn't just follow a set- routine but adds many other asanas into a set-routine to bring focus, improve balance and stregthen a specific part of the body e.g.


She teaches different routines for Hip Class, Arm Class, Legs Class, Core Class and so on. It's always fun to go and try new asanas.

She urges each one of us to stretch ourself / push ourselves a little more in each class. It feels good to see myself improving day by day in terms of flexibility, strength and overall energy. I'm so much happier with my body image since i started her classes. I also love the positive words and actions for the day that she asks us to focus on at the end of the class.

So as you can see, i give her a 5 stars and recommend you all to check her out if you're looking to start Yoga. She's the best. :)