Paymun Ghaemi

Toronto, ON

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I’ve always been fascinated in how my body performs and moves. This curiosity lead me into a process of training Muay Thai for 3 years and a student of Yoga for 7 years. Through the process of self-inquiry and my undeniable quench expand my skill set and movement repertoire, I realized that what I am obsessed with is Movement and not a specific field of practice.

I came to a deep realization that all specialized practices eventually will wear the body and mind down, and deep down inside your practice will be a new prison that your body/mind craves to break free from.

I have shifted my focus and have been studying and training under the tutelage of Ido Portal for 3 years now, exploring far out concepts to understand human movement development in an effort to understand what worked, how it worked and how could it be applied in other practices.


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