Peewee Sanchez

New York
United Arab Emirates
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My journey into awareness started with Vajrayana Meditation with my teacher Kandro Chogyam Dhrolma. I few years later I started doing Iyengar Yoga from a book by Mira Meta - there were no such thing as Yoga Mats in my city back then so I used cardboard on concrete. These two foundation experiences have led me down the path towards a yoga practice that has both the tantric energy dynamics and solid alignment conscious movements. Thanks to the dancer in me asanas are linked in unbound vinyasa flows dissolving into moments of stillness. Lately I have been exploring the elements of air and space by taking this practice off the ground using the Gravotonics Yoga Swing and the karma-cutting Kriya Yoga from Mahavatar Babaji thru my Guru Dr. Pradeep Ullal of Kevala Foundation.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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