Peggy Klauer

Washington, MI
United States

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Peggy's personal Yoga practice began 20 years ago. Her joy has been teaching Yoga to others professionally for over 15 years and opening her own Yoga studio, White Lotus Yoga, in 2009 as she continues her ongoing studies of the science and philosophies of Yoga. Peggy brings a beautiful balance of intensity and grace by way of breath and postures to each therapeutic Yoga class, thus allowing one’s own healing energies to inspire each practice. She teaches with a genuine warmth, joy and compassion that is both contagious and inspiring. Whether this is your first Yoga class or you're a seasoned Yogi practitioner, Peggy makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable at her studio. Upon visiting White Lotus you will experience a sense of Wellness, Community and Fun to assist you in achieving your own personal health and wellness goals. Upon leaving her class you will have touched on your inner balance.