Penny Waite

east sussex
United Kingdom

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I first became attracted to Yoga due to its health benefits and its ability to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

With a busy life as a musician and performer, it became necessary for me to find ways to stay grounded maintain health and focus my energies. Since immersing myself in Yoga I realized the potential it brings for channeling positivity into my everyday life.

I began my Yogic journey in Thailand where I fell in love with this spiritual practice. Here I also learnt Reiki and Chakra Balancing, which furthered my fascination and understanding of the body’s energy system and it’s relation to the world around it.

Since then I have participated in many yoga classes and workshops around the world, most notably in India where I decided to further my passion through teaching yoga. I was honored to be taught by such renowned teachers (Chris Nelson, Linda Dental and Yamuna Devi), who inspired and guided me.

In my classes I always adapts to the individual needs and abilities of my students. I like to create a supportive, light-hearted atmosphere, emphasizing the connection between breath and movement. My classes vary from gentle traditional Hatha to a more dynamic Vinyasa flow practice.

My classes are about self-awareness in furthering your individual practice, without judgment and using your intuition to listen to your own body's needs.
The essence of what I teach is cultivating peace and presence of mind to find balance in everyday life.

Qualifications and experience in:

Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
One to One Yoga
Fitness Yoga
Partner Yoga
Yoga for Surfers
Sup Yoga
Sup Fit
Ocean yoga boards
Life Guarding
Level 2 Swimming Teacher
Level 3 Personal Fitness Trainer
Chakra Balancing
Ear Hopi
Thai Massage


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