Peta Jones

Brisbane QLD

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Peta is 44 years old, a mother of 2, an ex corporate executive and now and a full time Yoga teacher.
She teaches classes at Zen-Chi North Lakes, Clayfield Yoga Studio and Being Yoga Ascot.

Peta began her yoga journey while she was pregnant with her first child in 1993. As an ex gymnast during her childhood years and with the added pressure of pregnancy, her body started giving up to constant and excruciating pain. The practice of yoga gave Peta huge relief and she has not looked back.
In 2009 Peta had her first glimpse of teacher training where she immersed herself in a 4 week intensive in Bali under the guidance of Shri Guru. After several years of experimenting with a range styles of yoga traditions such as Oki Do, Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa, Peta then completed her Vinyasa Teacher training with Being Yoga.
Peta is a pre and post-natal yoga teacher and Restorative Yoga teacher. She teaches weekly classes at one of Brisbane’s Hospital to staff and patients as well as seniors and chair based yoga. Peta has travelled and studied with many different teachers through Bali, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.
As well as Yoga, Peta is also a meditation teacher and massage therapist. Peta runs regular workshops and retreats. Peta’s passion is to live the 8 limbs of yoga and to teach her students the gifts of the philosophy of the path of yoga.
When Peta was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in 2004, she took this time to really dive inwards and change many aspects of her life. Peta offers her students the invitation with their practice to greet themselves exactly where they are now, without judgement or force and to invoke compassion and kindness in their practice.
Peta’s classes include postures to open and strengthen the body, pranayama (breath exercises) to effortlessly guide the mind to stillness and deep relaxation. Peta invites her students to practice consciously, to listen to their own innate wisdom, to connect to their deeper self, to open their heart and to bring an attitude of gratitude, courage and playfulness.
Peta teaches an alignment based vinyasa flow, slowed down to give you time to feel into and arrive into the pose… with a sense of “coming home to yourself”. Her classes have a beautiful flow, linked with the breath, while being playful. She aims for her students to leave class with a sense of joy, lightness and spaciousness and with a deeper connection to their heart.