Peter Walters

San Francisco, CA
United States

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Peter moved to San Francisco from Boston to work at startups - from a YC-backed B2B tech company to a social enterprise focused on ending childhood malnutrition around the world. After four years of running marketing and partnerships for companies and founders that he believed in, Peter realized he still - despite all of the good he felt he was doing in the world - didn't feel like he was really living the present, intentional life that he knew he was born to live.

And then he found the practices of yoga and meditation. He spent two years in a dedicated daily practice and study with Rusty Wells before deciding that he wanted to share this transformative practice of yoga with others.

Soon after, he quit his job, gave away all his belongings, and headed east to India where he began to travel, first to Bali, then sailed across the India Ocean on a tall ship to South Africa, then back through Southeast Asia where he continued his study, practice, and teachings of Vinyasa Yoga, meditation, and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

A year later, it was time to return to the US and share these ancient healing arts with others.


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