Petra Hubova

Sligo Co Sligo

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In June 2016, Petra Hubova qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher RYT200 in beautiful Ard Nahoo Yoga School, taught by highly respected and amazing teacher, Noeleen Tyrrell.
Her first introduction to basic yoga came at an early age in her home country of the Czech Republic, where they taught basic yoga practices at primary schools. As a teenager, she kept active but due to a weak immune system, it was difficult for her to live a healthy and balanced life.
She began an ongoing self-study and changed every aspect of her life that could affect her physical or mental health, starting from removing toxic food and toxic people, doing milder workouts and also getting more rest.
In summer of 2011 when living in Spain, her friend introduced her to vinyasa yoga and meditation, she immediately understood that this was a path she wanted to follow, fell in love with yoga and really began to discover the wide range of benefits this gentle health regime had to offer. Now Petra leans towards more gentle practices such as meditation, hatha yoga, kundalini and yin yoga, all of which has helped her overcome a less than smooth personal period in her life over the last few years.


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