Phil Larstone

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" My investigation into sound and music is ongoing and is foundational to my life’s journey. Nothing sparks my curiosity more than the mystical physics of sound and music, and nothing moves my soul more deeply than the profoundly nuanced articulation of musical mastery. Sound is frequency, a vast realm of vibrational possibilities that encompasses all phenomena, the universal language of creation and manifestation. The codings contained in the mantras and music of wisdom traditions such as yoga communicate directly with the field of consciousness through the primacy that they share. The use of voice in mantra practices and devotional singing brings the mind into active-receptive whole brained and heartfelt unison. As we summon our totality of self to deeply listen and and potently vocalize, as we simultaneously sense and invoke, the inward meets the outward, and the soul meets the deity."

Inspiration - Activation - Evolution ; Opening awareness and refining perception to align our life paths with greater truth and higher potential. As we progress on our journey of self-development, its helpful to refine our lens of self-perception and see into ourselves ever more deeply, to have fresh perspectives on how our reality and ultimate potential are configured, and to fine-tune our way of being in the world, to evolve on our soul journey, and live with more fluidity, intention and grace. “My personal quest for realization has included life-long investigations into fields of self-development, human consciousness, and wisdom traditions. I love to synthesize information and "connect the dots" to further my understanding of the human condition and the nature of creation, to invoke personal revelations, and to distill what at first seems like a complex configuration of disparate elements into a succinct unifying essence. I invite you to join me for deeply meaningful shared experience, for guided practices of contemplative movement, sound & breath meditations, integral inquiry, group coherence, and transformative encounters with unity consciousness.