Philippa Copleston-Warren

Miami Beach, FL
United States

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Philippa Copleston-Warren has been practicing yoga and assisting teaching over 15 years. As a qualified Ashtanga, Vinyassa Flow and Budokon Yoga teacher she has been teaching Yoga voluntarily for charities and communities in Europe and the USA since 2011. Philippa’s background and working practice is Business Organisational Change Management and Executive Coaching, working with large global clients to engage and motivate leadership and staff to design, shape and achieve business goals. Her focus is on engaging individuals to take responsibility for their own destinies, be motivated in their daily working practice, developing leaders and teams. Philippa’s teaching style works using the same principles she uses with her business clients and is a dynamic, engaging, challenging and inspirational, with a strong emphasis on meditation, flow, centeredness focused power and control. Philippa is a red belt in Budokon Mixed Martial Arts and as a Budokon Yoga teacher integrates her continuos learning from the Budokon Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts and Life Sciences disciplines into her teaching and practice focusing on fluidity, discipline and centeredness Philippa helps and supportsa yoga Charity assisting teacher trainings and immersions across the USA and Europe.


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