Phoebe Jenkins

Tucson, AZ
United States

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Drawing upon my training as a Registered Yoga Teacher, IntenSati and Group Fitness Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and Health Coach, I work with clients who are ready to absolutely GLOW with health and happiness. Together we take life and health to the next level by developing lifelong healthy habits with a deep understanding of bio-individual needs. My yoga classes are a way to ignite your inner avatar and build power, flexibility and peace in a fun and supportive environment.

I've experienced all the new diets, latest workout fads and newest health craze. When I devoted myself to health and happiness first and let go of the latest fad, my enjoyment of life grew immensely and my body effortlessly began to glow. Everyday we wake up and have a choice to create our own happy journey through life. Now is your time to shine.


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