Phyllis Morgan

Las Vegas, NV
United States

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I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. I have had a strong personal practice incorporating physical postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), mantra and meditation for over 11 years. I teach a number of classes in and around Las Vegas as well as private and corporate classes. I also have a fantastic teacher who lives and breathes yoga and for whom I have an enormous amount of respect. She has very kindly and skillfully guided me as I have walked this fascinating path.

I have previously worked as an educator in the Clark County School District. During my time as an educator,I got hooked on yoga when a teacher I worked with suggested that I give it a try. Initially, all I could think was, "I am not a funky, hippy, yoga kind of person." However, after a brief encounter one staff development day at the elementary school, I was hooked. I signed up for the next yoga class I could find. My experiences there changed my life. Now I am a funky, hippy, yoga person. I believe that my practice embodies my love of yoga and my hunger to learn more.

I currently work for Real Results Fitness offering classes and events for all levels of practice. Monday through Friday mornings I work for Vogue Recovery Centers with clients recovering from drug addiction and I also work with a non-profit organization, Yoga for Life (YFL). YFL allows me to work with high school students with various disabilities and has brought great joy into my life. My NV teaching license is still current and working with children, especially when it comes to yoga is exciting to me!

I am enthusiastic about yoga and the benefits it brings to people's lives and believe that everyone can benefit from it. I consider myself very blessed to be able to share what I’ve learned so far and hopefully share some of the joy that it has brought into my life.

I offer gentle, beginning, multi-level, and restorative yoga classes that are well-suited to those who are looking for a relaxed, gentle paced workout. The poses are presented with many modifications, making the class appealing to anyone with moderate physical, medical or age-related challenges. Emphasis will be on improving balance; developing conscious breathing; cultivating strength and flexibility; and calming the mind. Private consultation with the instructor is available if you would like to begin a private class for yourself, or a group of friends interested in yoga. Please feel free to contact me about your plans and I will see how I can help you realize your goals.


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