Pi Musmanno Vinzant

Denver, CO
United States

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I am not your traditional yoga teacher. No matter how "serious" the practice I encourage laughter, smiles and occasional outbursts of commentary. I am light hearted about myself and wish my students to be the same. The studio is a place to remove our self judgement and find self joy. That said, I am a serious athlete (equestrian for over 30 years and former competive trail runner) so I understand dedication and goals. Not to mention injuries and rehabilitation. I specialize in athletes needing to improve/compliment their activities and/or rehab injuries. I am very good, and love, teaching beginners and bringing them along. My yoga areas are Hatha, Viyasa, Power and Gentle. All ages, levels, genders encouraged to join. All my classes offer various levels of difficulty so you make your practice your own. As it should be.


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