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Pia Dyson (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, RPYT, Reiki Master, Chinese medicine) offers a broad foundation of eastern and western medicine, therapeutic work and movement forms. With a passion for healing naturally, her background in western medicine provides a holistic perspective and a natural openness to the values inherent in a variety of therapeutic approaches. Her background in Chinese medicine and acupuncture is an integral part of her work in combination with reiki and therapeutic, movement and meditation practises from around the world. During two years living in Bali, she deepened her training in energetic therapeutic practices becoming a Reiki master and studying with an inspiring variety of Balinese, Eastern and Western shamans. This has allowed her to offer a special combination of traditional treatments while allowing Reiki to flow to cleanse and align with the intention to heal.

Currently living in Zurich, Pia is a yoga therapist for cancer patients, runs therapeutic health & movement workshops and teaches restorative, yin, vinyasa, women's health & fertility and pre & post-natal yoga. With a former career in strategy & private equity advisory in London, she relates the beneficial practices of her therapeutic education to the world at work. Pia's company Zen Now, teaches movement, meditation and relaxation for companies and supports patients recovering from exhaustion. Her passion and flexibility in approach combine to support clients to open the doors to their highest health.

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