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hei hei, I´m Pia a traveling yoga soul ***

I was not always a yoga teacher, but I always loved what I was doing.
My life was always dedicated to see the best in everything & anyone.

Always looking for the motives behind the action of people, and often speaking or acting for the ones who do not have strength or power.
Yes, you can say I would love to make the world a better place. This is what really moves me. In the last years I tried to help where I could (in my own limits) to contribute to a better world, working for disabled children in Ecuador, for orphans in Namibia and for the refugees in my home town. These things left their marks behind and I had to deal with healing myself before continuing "healing the world" (well, that small radius around me).

This is how I came to yoga and meditation.

This happiness I felt inside after every yoga class and the smile on my face drove me to that urging desire of being a yoga teacher myself and passing on these very feelings.

Learning about the yoga philosophy ( the yamas and niyamas) convinced me that through yoga - the mind-body connection AND the ethics of Yoga as the stepping stones to my practice - I can continue on living my dreams and principles: making the world a better place in starting at the very beginning of changing peoples attitudes from ego-centered or indifferent to caring and compassionate beings :)

So in my teaching 2 things are most important to me:

make people believe in who they are, in accepting themselves exactly the ways they are, by paying attention to everyone´s practice and making sure they practice with AHIMSA - with sensitivity to their body and love for what they´re doing.
Having been an architect before my asanas focus on the foundation, knowing that only with a strong foundation, beauty can rise.

passing on the wisdom of the "Yoga Sutras" by integrating the themes into the class and by awakening in the students the awareness for their existence and their purposes as ethical principles to live a life in harmony with themselves and the world around them.


what others say about my teaching:

Anja Bovisi, Gast bei Aventuras del Sur:

"In deinen Yogalektionen habe ich endlich erfahren was Yoga wirklich heisst und nicht einfach nur Yoga praktiziert. Jede Lektion hat ein Thema aufgegriffen welches jedesmal sehr berührt und auch vieles befreift hat. Ich danke Dir für dein für dein tolles Engagement und für deine Energie die du investiert hast. Es war eine sehr heilsame und einfach nur schöne Woche die mir für immer in Erinnerung bleiben wird"

Pia is a dedicated teacher to the practices of Yoga. I was lucky enough to teach and live with Kristina on her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Spain. I was impressed by her deep caring of others, and her strong social action principles. As she is an architect she appreciates structure and stability and therefore has a great grasp of Asana practice. She has an eagle eye and an annoying attention to detail !!!! All of which makes her a good teacher. When you are lucky enough to meet Pia, in life or on the mat you will know what I mean. A beautiful and very human being.
With much love.

Steve Hall E-RYT500

This letter is to serve as a recommendation for Pia.

I have spent sometime with Pia and have great faith in her ability to effectively teach yoga in a safe, comfortable environment.

She is a very special person and yoga teacher, enthusiastic and supportive of the student, maintaining a professional but compassionate way of teaching. She is prompt, organized, and always good at teaching each student with patience along with a solid knowledge of the foundations of yoga.

Pia has a very patient and supportive teaching style. She guides her students in building awareness of proper form and breathing in the yoga She is especially good at organizing her classes to accommodate the varied expertise levels that one may find when teaching classes and lead students though anenjoyable and safe class.

Her command of the yoga discipline is great and her ability to convey the complex positions superb. She has a very good practice and understanding that convey in her classes very well.

I am consistently impressed with her dedication and gentle compassion.

If I was considering a yoga class, I couldnt recommend Kristina more highly.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at the phone number or email address below.

Raquel ॐ
Inspirayoga Course Facilitator and primary teacher
phone number (0034)665448720
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