Pierina Zlatar

Madre de Dios - Tambopata

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Kapievi is the vision of one Peruvian family who moved from the capital of Peru (Lima) to Puerto Maldonado, to make an important change of lifestyle in their community and dedicate themselves to investigate, shape and live a life based on harmony, ecology, health, personal wellness, and spiritual connection. In Kapievi Ecovillage we see life from the natural side sharing lots of experiences, living in community as a Universal family and cultivating at the same time our spiritual side, our inner light, our love and wealth. The people that come to Kapievi leave us a seed of light and we do the same in them. Integrated in the new era of change, our vision is the option of love towards the blossoming of our interior essence. We are an ecovillage of dreamers searching to harmonize with the land (Pachamama), nature, and the cosmos. We follow our dreams of growth and conservation for the good of our rainforest and our community.