Pinelopi Gavrilaki


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Pinelopi Gavrilaki has been working in physical and emotional health since 1999. She educates herself in yoga, massage and speech therapy.

She believes in personal and family growth and evolution.

Through her work and practice she tries to develop the notion of sharing and togetherness. She strongly believes that we are all one, we are all love and she wishes to share this with her surroundings.

She is a certified Hatha and Partner Yoga Instructor by Yoga Alliance, Baby and Toddler Yoga Instructor by Birthlight, Infant Massage Instructor by IAIM, Kids and Teen Yoga Instructor by YogaBeez and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Therapist by Sunshine Network.

She believes that yoga is the connection to our inner true self and once we find it, it is easier to connect with the others and our moment to moment life.

‘May the fire of honest relationship to ourselves, each other, and the universe, burn away all that is not needed so that we may live in greater harmony and peace together’

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam
We are all family