Piritta Manninen


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Hi, I am Piritta, loving mother and wife from Oulunsalo, Northern Finland. I wound yoga about seven years ago when I got my first child and all of my hided feeling wanted to be seen. My path of recovery started by studing and doing astanga practice. At the same time I was guided to "see" things before they happened. One day I was making lunch to my little boy and big hawk came to my terass and open his huge wings, it was amazing seen!! Then it walked towards me and looked straight to my eyes telling a lot of things without words. Next day my dear friend got killed at schoolshooting in Kauhajoki.

During these years I´ve been opening my heart, my intution and my karma, feeling a lot of pain, inspiration, love and faith, finding a peace of truht that is hiding beyond our lifes.

My journey as a teacher has just began. I try to give forward that little peace what I´ve expererienced. Calm hathayoga, breathing, pilates,meditation and also ayurvedic massage & Healing treatment. Soham, Namaste <3 xxxx


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