Prativa Knox

Fullerton, CA
United States

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I have been practicing yoga my since childhood from my father Krishna Chandra. My father learned yoga from a yoga master from India. My father taught me yoga posses Sanskrit, Pranayama, Shitali, Simhasana along breathing techniques. I said, "Babu, meaning Father, I am nervous because I exams at my school." My Babu said, "Prati, do yoga and meditate, and Pranayama." I had to get up and run and yoga at 4:00
I really resented at the time.

In addition, I did a three and half year meditation/yoga retreat. Guess what? What? I had to get up at 3:45 I did this in Delhi, New York in 1993. It was very intense indeed. I was also translator/teacher/and interpreter for other retreat practitioners. We had Tibetan Buddhist Master Venerable Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. He did not speak much English and other retreat practitioners did not speak Tibetan.

My yoga journey continued even after the retreat. I strongly believe extending my yoga practice beyond my yoga classes and mat.

Furthermore, I took a basic yoga class at Fullerton Community College from Connie in 1998. Also, I took another yoga from Erika Faith Hating then now Kalig/ Cloud Nine Yoga.

Currently, My 11 year old daughter, my husband and I practice yoga at Freeman Yoga in Fullerton, CA. My daughter and My husband practice three times a week and I at least six times week. Basically I practice yoga everyday.

I am a mother, wife, caregiver, student, and a teacher volunteer at my daughter's elementary school. . I have completed three full marathons and 13 half marathons. I still run and walk. My daughter and I practice Karate/Martial Arts. My daughter is a junior Black Belt and I am a Advanced Brown Belt in Karate. I also have taken Instructor College from American Martial Arts Academy.

I have a bachelor from California State University Fullerton. AA in Psychology from Fullerton Community College and Master's of Science in Gerontology from (CSUF)Cal State I have Similar to AA is called IA in English Literature, international Culture and Economics. I also studied level 1 through 10 at American English Language Institute in Kathmandu Nepal. In addition, I studied at UMN Business School where I learned how to touch type, short hand, file, answer phone, take message, etc this was in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I can speak, read, and write, Nepali, Hindi, and Tibetan Fluently. I know some Spanish. I took 5 units of Spanish from Fullerton College and outstandingly well.


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