Preeti Bhat

Austin, TX
United States

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Preeti has been training in yoga for the past 25 years under various revered gurus. Yoga first came to her as a spiritual practice,as a mental discipline and eventually as a physical routine. Preeti wrote her first article on "sadna" at the age of sixteen and has been teaching ever since across various platforms including with Austin Hindu Temple, Alcohol Anonymous, Girls scouts, Art of Living.

As a yoga coach she works with C Level executives, entrepreneurs and professional women who are seeking a spiritual balance between various facets of life. Preeti uses her core training in patanjali yoga, pranayama, reiki, chakras and tantra to guide her students. She is the creator of Pranik Namaskar, which balances the sun and the moon elements.

With Mind Body Yoga, Preeti is seeking to build yoga community which views yoga as a sort of physical, mental and spiritual guide or mentor. Follow Preeti on twitter theleanyoga