Prem Anubuddha


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Began studying & practicing Hatha Yoga in trained with Swami Satya Pujari in San Diego (75') and BKS Iyengar in India ... but main Yoga/Tantra/Meditation Master has always been "Osho". Lived with Osho in his Ashrams in India, US, and Osho approved me to lead Yoga classes in his Ashram in 1976 and I continued until he left his Body in 1990. My style is called "Osho Neo-Yoga" and is based on Osho and Buddha's message that "Acceptance is Transcendence" and a deep Love and gratitude to the Human Electro-magnetic Energy Anubuddha is more known for his work in "Touch-based Healing Arts"... He helped originate Osho Rebalancing in 1980 and with his Beloved Friend Anasha created "ARUN Conscious Touch" in he continues to be amazed by the miracle of love, consciousness, and the Human Energy Field


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